Dream Life Permission Slip with Heidi Hope

Your Dream Life Permission Slip


  • Overcome your busy brain: Learn how to quiet your mind and listen to your intuition to overcome distraction
  • Embody your intuition: Learn WHERE intuition can be found in your body so you know how to access it and let it guide you
  • Gain clarity: Learn my simple trick to tell the difference between the voice of intuition and the voice of fear
  • Remember your Dream Life: Recall your true purpose and passion in life
  • Create aligned goals: Write goals and intentions for life on your terms
  • Get inspired: In just 20 minutes, release your fear and get re-inspired in your work
Dream life guided visualization and journal with Heidi Hope

Do you remember how it felt as a child to believe that anything was possible?

Do you still believe?

As children we are all in touch with our creativity, imagination and intuition. We believe anything is possible! As we grow older, we often forget. We forget where to look and how to listen. The world gets so noisy and busy, that the quiet voice within us becomes hard to hear.

No matter how busy, overwhelmed or burnt out you are with daily life, that creativity you felt as a child is still within you. It is always calling to you, just waiting for you to listen.

When you learn how to listen and let it guide you, life gets to be fun again! You can set goals that are in full alignment with your purpose, finally figure out what to focus on and allow everything to happen more effortlessly. Like magic!

This is your permission slip to let go of what's holding you back and dream your biggest dreams.

In this imaginative exercise, Heidi will guide you inward to hear the small, quiet voice of your intuition. Your download includes a guided visualization to help you remember what is calling to you accompanied by a beautiful guided journal.


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